It is my honor to be miserable

I saw this beautiful piece of street art while walking around Downtown Columbus this morning and I thought it fit too perfectly with a poem I had written on the plane. I don’t normally post my poetry but I’d really like to start doing so more often so please let me know your thoughts. ❤️ Here’s a clearer version of the poem:

It is my honor to be miserable,
For I have a problem
less deserving than yours

My happiness harasses me
With its alien disposition
And its tyrannical requests
And its unquenchable thirst.

Oh my- have I said too much?
I am sorry. I am honored, truly.

I am sorry I am sorry I a m s o r r y
I a o R y. a O

This happiness is a wonderful thing
In fact, I cannot think of anything greater
Than to be this happy.


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